Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pixie II

Well I finaly found my soldering station and went to work putting the little direct conversion rig together. I found that my old hands were steady enough to get the solder on the pads without bridgeing anything. Then my old buddy Murphy showed up (He realy didn't just show up. He lives here but hides well.). The kit that I bought on eBay had two missing parts, and were in the circuit was this? In the antenna filter network. The Pi network called for two 820pf capacitors and all I could dig up was a pair of 1000pf mylars so I gave it a shot and tomorrow I will go to RS and get the correct parts to finish. Of course the ant. connection is clip-leaded on and a coursory test netted a broadcast station around 1200Khz programing bible. Nothing wrong with that but I was holding out for CW at 7040 Khz.

The shack is in the basement and this time of year I can expect some seepage in several spots as the frost is leaving the ground starting at the foundation and were else would all that rain and melting snow go? You guessed it! Thanks again Murph. Enough for today because in ten minutes it will be tomorrow. Hi hi.

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jeholgate said...

Glad to read you found your soldering iron!
Was there still usable flux? Or, was it all burned away by some mischevious entity?