Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thoughts of giving up

For the past two weeks I have been trying to arrange my shack so it makes some sense. Too long it has been a repository for all things that come under the heading of; " I might need this someday". I have made up my mind that "someday" is going to be no more than 6 months away. I have reached the conclusion that I usually cannot remember where I put it ,when I need it, and have to purchase a new one anyhow. The problem is that I find it about 50% of the time within a week of new purchase. Somehow this does not apply to the "Ham junk box" this never loses it's value and if not used will be given away or donated to a deserving project. All other stuff is just used in the maintenance of property. The solution there is to buy the smallest amount that you can to do the job. It might be a little more expensive by volume but by the time you get to use it again, you will be hard pressed to find it ,or, it will have changed chemically so as to be useless (this isn't spacking! It's a white rock!).

Any way I have not been able to find my soldering station with the small point for working with solid state projects. This is slowing me down on building my Pixie and other projects that I want to do. Then the thought hit me. Maybe it's time to buy some neat storage devices such as shelving, new soldering iron, to make my hours more enjoyable pursuing my hobby? I'm sure the YL 'sic.' will be thrilled to hear my idea. They tell me the ice skating rink in hell is a big success.

The other option seems to be vegetating in front of the tube (LCD Display) or watching clouds go by.

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